Play Policy

Lily's Nursery understands and values the importance of play in the Holistic Development of young children as they learn about the world in which they live.


Lily's Nursery aims to provide a sanctuary in which the children can play in a safe and secure environment, with practitioners who support and progress their learning. Opportunities will be made for the children to make choices for themselves and to experience spontaneous, unplanned activities, such as snow or the arrival of a fire engine. Lily's Nursery understands and implements the birth to three matters framework (2002) and the Curriculum Guidance for the Foundation Stage (2000). Both documents are within the nursery and are available to parents on request.


The Nursery Manager has the overall responsibility to ensure that children are allowed to play and to learn the following skill whilst enjoying themselves:

  • Exploring
  • Investigating
  • Discovering
  • Creating
  • Practicing
  • Rehearsing
  • Repeating
  • Revising
  • Consolidating knowledge already gained

The Environment

Lily's Nursery has ample space for children to explore and play in, and has displays, which are changed regularly, and plans that are adapted to follow planning and new topics. The garden is used extensively as an outside classroom, and is currently under review and ready for renovation. Lily's Nursery has an inventory of resources, which it has just implemented, which will review and consider the number of toys and play facilities the Nursery has.

The Resources

The staff are creative and use household materials to enhance learning of self-discovery, curiosity, interest and many other learning objectives that are set out in the Foundation Stage curriculum. These include:

  • Jelly
  • Cornflour
  • Water Play
  • Shaving Foam
  • Rice and Pasta
  • Icing and other resources of cooking
  • Natural materials for the treasure basket

Evidence of learning

Each child has a folder with his/her work in it, which is observed and evaluated by staff. This will allow staff to know what a child can do, and what skills s/he needs support with. The files also demonstrate what learning objectives have been on offer, and allow key workers to plan effectively for the needs of their children. This policy is reflective of the key worker information cited from the Curriculum Guidance for the Foundation Stage (2000) and the Curriculum policy.